Air Freight

Quick & Safe Air Delivery of Your Cargo


The Icon network members include specialized professionals who guarantee the best sea freight service to any port and for any type of goods. Furthermore, they can also negotiate other services apart from the freight such as for example customs, storage, handling, distri­bution, insurances, etc. to avoid worries for you.

Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Employers uniform standards


Our cargo agents have the optimum mix of qualification, experience and knowledge of the transport industry that are required to provide added value.

Through a specially designed tool, receive/send the contacts of potential customers and details of potential business. Working confidentially with your partners to gain new business and customers from competitors.

Integrated door to door services that cover the transport, storage and logistics, as well as other requirements (con­ trolled temperature,  picking, customs, etc.).

Our cargo agents analyze your needs in order to find the best option for transport by air, sea, road or intermodal. Add flexibility to your supply chain without effort.

Our global network of agents assures international reach combined with attentive local service in order to enjoy a real door-to-door service for your business.

Our members have a long track record in specific modes of transportation (air, rail, ocean and in-land) or industries (pharma, construction, automotive, textile, ADR )

Real-time control and monitoring of shipments made by road, sea or air through our network by means of an advanced online application. It allows you to monitor invoices, insurances, payments, etc. and to receive automatic notifications through e-mail.